This change was announced on Thursday, August 28, 2014[1]

As Team Dakota continues to drive towards the release of Hippo (our next major update) we've taken Knights Training Camp off the marketplace temporarily.

What this meansEdit

  • If you already own KTC, good news, nothing changes for you.
  • If you head to the marketplace to buy KTC, sad news, it won't be there for purchase.
  • If you play the KTC showcase level and attempt to purchase it, worse news, it will tell you that offer is not available.

What's happening behind the scenesEdit

  • We're notating all customers that current own KTC.
  • Sometime after Hippo releases, hopefully within a couple of days, KTC will be available in the marketplace.
  • The new KTC marketplace offer will not contain the character formerly known as Haakon.
  • Haakon, newly promoted to champion, will appear as his own offer in the marketplace.
  • Customers that previously purchased KTC, will be granted Haakon Champion, for free.

We apologize for any disruption this may cause. This change needed to happen quickly, in order to clear the deck for what is certain to be Hurricane Hippo, and all it's great improvements. Hurricane Hippo will most likely cause some very painful UGC breaks, along with some number of unpleasant surprises for us all that we need to surface now.


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