This is an outdated update. This update was followed by CODENAME: Billy Goat Gruff

The "Billy Goat" update was released on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on Monday, June 2nd, 2014.[1]

Release Notes Edit

Change List:

  • Crossroads: Woman near Well roadside encounter now has dialogue set up properly and no longer blocks progression
  • Challenges: Completing first crossroads level now allows you to properly complete the challenge
  • Challenges: Zombies (AND other Enemies! like some Bandits) now appropriately own up to their defeat, allowing you to complete the related challenges. (No more undead or bandit spoilsports)
  • Challenges: No more enhanced difficulty challenges. Challenges for removed assets such as the Flame Knight no longer exist.
  • Performance: Noticeable hitch after assuming player control when entering test mode from edit mode after an autosave as been resolved
  • Level Info Screen: Project Tab: Selecting a save no longer scrambles the displayed screenshots of multiple saves
  • Create HUD no longer disappears, preventing you from entering the Pause menu when rapidly entering/exiting test mode
  • Animation: Locomotion: Characters can no longer get stuck in a stuttering movement animation and rapidly vibrate in-place. (
  • Audio stutter no longer present in background music while in the marketplace
  • Audio stutter no longer present when opening the Profile Menu from the Main Menu
  • Crash: forward vector cannot be zero Entering the properties menu of a prop while zoomed out far.
  • 1st Person Camera: The location of the 1st person camera has been restored is proper place at the head socket.
  • Published Levels No Longer Disappear from Client When More than 100 More Recent Cloud Saves or Published Levels Are Created

Issues Edit

  • We're currently investigating a bug involving proper tracking and crediting of Lineage.


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