This is an outdated update. This update was followed by Title Update (1.01.0)

This update was released on September 17, 2014.[1]

Release NotesEdit

To start off, we’ve got a few small but quite audible fixes for our latest drop:

  • Whoosh there it is! There was a bug where sound FX levels would default to the loud Gallery state when starting in create mode. This has been fixed.
  • The ambient wind was way too loud in Crossroads prompting the team to want to add the dialogue stating we’re not in Kansas anymore (we restrained ourselves). This has been fixed.

Pesky Cursor

  • When using touch and mouse controls on PC there was a bug where the cursor would always display the scale as 100%. This has been fixed.

Combat Calamity

  • A variety of cool combat hit effects went missing. The hit-stop freeze (hit stall) upon constancy and the camera shake amongst them. Combat should feel a bit better now.

Calling All Creators: Coloring [Display] Icons has Changed

As we head to release, we’ve changed the way tinting works with icons and the [display] tile. Previously the desired color multiplied with the color of the icon. This usually resulted in darkened, muddied and confusing coloring that rarely resulted in the intended color. Now, icons are converted to a gray scale then the desired color is applied to the icon. Unfortunately, with this change, players may need to update their worlds if they are expecting the old behavior.

Contribution Value/Lineage

We’ve learned a lot from the beta community around how we calculate Contribution Value (CV), in particular on worlds that were created before Hippo released. If you don’t know, CV is the % of work the uploader put into a shared world. CV is used to determine how many Credits and XP each creator gets as a world is played and up voted. We started calculating this in Hippo based on how much time each creator spent painting, sculpting, editing brains, etc. But since we didn’t track these actions in the creation process before Hippo released we had to guess on older worlds and backfill their CV percentages. Turns out our guesses were a bit off, so we’re going to fix that by taking these steps:

  • We have discarded all CV data (both backfill and accumulated) that existed prior to today (this update).
  • We are applying new backfill CV data to all levels created prior to today (this update).
  • We will start accumulating accurate CV data again from this point on.
  • The service will be offline for several hours while we complete this operation amongst a few other maintenance and preparation tasks.


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