The camera system in Project Spark is very powerful. There are some basic camera types that are made available: Follow, Boom, Fixed and 1st person. When you place a camera tile in an object's brain, the camera will use that object as the focus of the camera.

Tip: Don't ever have more than one camera active at a time. Having more than one will cause very strange behavior.

The 1st person camera is probably the most self explanatory. By putting the first person camera on an object, you will see from the object's view, along the direction of its forward vector. Because of this, it is also the easiest camera to use to create a custom camera. This is the camera to use for any games with a first person viewpoint like first person shooters.

The Fixed camera is a camera that always stays in the same location. You can switch between fixed cameras in different places in your level to make sure the player always gets the view of the scene that you want. This type of camera technique is seen in games like Resident Evil or Devil May Cry and many JRPGs. After the fixed camera tile, you can select the In World Camera Editor under modifiers to get just the right angle for each camera you use.

The follow camera follows the object it is placed on. It usually allows control with the right stick and you can control how far away it follows from. This is the default camera on most common brains, and is good for many 3d games like platforming, action/adventure, racing, etc...

The Boom camera is a camera that always looks at the object you put it on at a specific angle. It does not turn with the object it is looking at, so is good for games like side scrollers and most top down games.

-- To quickly make a camera for a side scroller, use this line of kode on your controlled character: When [] Do [Boom Camera] [Pitch] [0] [Yaw] [270] [distance] [20] [ignore camera collision]

This makes the camera always be level with the player

-- To quickly make a camera for a top down game, use the boom camera's in world camera editor to get the right angle for your game When [] Do [Boom Camera] [In World Boom Camera Editor] -> then select the right angle to look at your object.

It is usually a good idea to ignore camera collision for top down games as well.

Basic Camera Types in Project Spark

Basic Camera Types in Project Spark