There are many great ways you can help others trying to learn Project Spark.

Editing the Wiki Edit

Consider looking through the various Guides written and think of new interesting articles. In addition to editing you'll be awarded with awesome trivial badges and respect from fellow Wikians.

Join the Twitch Channel Edit

Icon 64 Twitch
The Twitch channel has users 24/7 due to timezones and is a great place to talk with the community. Remember twitch chat rooms on the right are IRC channels if you want to use your own chat application.

Join the Unofficial Forums Edit

Icon 64 Forums
The forums are full of users sharing content.

Addicted to Reddit? Edit

Icon 64 Reddit
That's okay, join the community and talk with others.

Share Kode Examples Edit

Icon 64 KodeShare
Kode can be embedded into the forums and Wiki through the website. Not all Kode examples can be shown, so insert comments where needed.

Forum Embed: [kodeshare]kode42[/kodeshare] Wiki Embed: {{KodeShare|kode42}}

Create a guide in the official forumsEdit

Create a guide
The official forums hold a section which users can make their own tutorials and walk-throughs. Make sure to check it out! To create a guide, log-in with your MS account, then press the pencil-paper icon on the top right side of the window.

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