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An overview of Legendary Arsenal town building.

Legendary Arsenal is a town building to forge weapons with magical powers. In order to obtain one, you need to bring 5 pieces of Kodite to the Blacksmith. To do so, you need to grab the blacksmith's hammer from the front of the forge, then mine the mineral in a "Kodite Mine".

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A Kodite Mine.

List of ItemsEdit

After 5 kodites are mined, the user can select one of the four Tier-three weapons from the stands:

Weapon Name Photo Type Magical Power
Fighter's Master Sword
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Tier 3 Weaponry Slows down enemies.
Fighter's Legend Sword
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Tier 3 Weaponry Freezes enemies.
Ranger's Legend Axe
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Tier 3 Weaponry Damages nearby enemies when an enemy is hit.
Ranger's Master Axe
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Tier 3 Weaponry Burns nearby enemies when an enemy is hit.