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  • Holding Right Mouse Button – Camera mode
+ Move – Pitch/orbit
+ Left Mouse Button + Move – Move
  • Mouse Wheel – Zoom
  • Shift + Mouse Wheel – Scale brush or prop


Camera and ControlEdit


  • WASD – Move camera
  • Arrow Keys – Pitch/orbit camera
  • q/e – Move camera vertically
  • r/f – Zoom camera
  • Home – Center to player
  • c – Cycle camera presets (top down, front, side, free)

Menu and Tool FunctionsEdit


  • Esc – Back/cancel
  • Ctrl + s – Save
  • F1 – Help
  • F2 – Biome mode (successive presses cycle through tools)
  • F3 – Paint mode
  • F4 – Sculpt mode (successive presses cycle through tools)
  • F5 – Prop mode (successive presses cycle through tools)
  • Return/Enter – Tool menu
  • ' and Shift + ' – Cycle between tool modes



  • Shift + Mouse Wheel – Resize brush/prop
  • Spacebar – Biome, material or prop gallery
  • Holding Alt – Invert tool or snap current prop to another prop
  • Ctrl + c – Copy current prop (only works for some props)
  • Ctrl + m – Swap current prop mesh
  • Delete – Delete current prop
  • Shift + b – Brain on selected prop
  • Shift + p – Prop edit menu on selected prop
  • Shift + d – Character studio on selected prop
  • Holding ctrl – Grid snap
  • g – Toggle grid snap
  • Ctrl + g – Toggle workplane
  • Ctrl + z – Undo
  • Ctrl + y – Redo

Brain and GalleryEdit



  • Esc – Back/cancel
  • Ctrl + c – Copy tile/line
  • Ctrl + v – Paster tile/line
  • Arrow Keys – Select tile
  • Return/Enter – Swap/select tile


  • Home/End – First/last page
  • Page Up/Down – Previous/next page

Xbox ControllerEdit

Xbox Controller Mapping

  • Left thumbstick moves the cursor horizontally.
  • Using X brings your cursor down in the world, while using Y brings your cursor up in the world.
  • Right thumbstick pans the camera.
  • Pressing in on the Right thumbstick will cycle through different zooming distances.
  • Right Bumper + Up/Down on the Left Joystick zooms the camera in/out.
  • Right Bumper + A centers the camera on the player.
  • Right Bumper + B cycles through the camera presets (top down, front, side, free).
  • A button activates and selects buttons on the tools menu.
  • Right Trigger places props in prop mode.
  • Left Trigger snaps an object to the ground in prop mode.
  • When sculpting, Right Trigger is for positive sculpting like expanding and adding terrain. Left Trigger switches to negative sculpting such as eroding and subtracting terrain.
  • Holding Left Bumper brings up menu wheel and scale option (for props it gives additional menu options: Y = Brain, X = Delete, B = Character Studio, A = Edit).
  • Left and Right on the D-Pad cycles through paint and biome palettes.
  • Holding down on the D-Pad turns on and off snap to grid.
  • Pressing up on the D-Pad opens up your gallery (Materials, Biome or Prop gallery).
  • Pressing the View button will use the undo tool.
  • View + Right thumbstick to the left cycles through undo points.
  • View + Right thumbstick to the right cycles through redo points.

Source: Project Spark Instruction Manual (Handy Keyboard Maps and Handy Controller Maps).

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