A hardworking farm boy, Haakon longed to protect the kingdom as a Knight. When he stumbled across the magic sword of the legendary Sir Sigurd, he saw his chance to fulfil his dreams and began his journey toward knighthood.

The Story of HaakonEdit

Haakon was a simple farmer until a fateful encounter with a ferocious troll who attacked his homestead. Brave and full of guile, Haakon maneuvered the fiend into the forest, where he discovered a legendary sword and shield. Wounded and weak, he swung at the troll and saw the spirit of a Royal Knight emerge from the sword and strike down the monster.

News of Haakon's deed spread to the King who summoned this "Hawk" to his castle. And when the King noticed Haakon's sword and shield, he explained that they once belonged to the fallen ROYAL KNIGHT SIGURD. Haakon confessed that it was the spirit of Sir Sigurd that helped him overcome the troll.

Intrigued by his story and certain that there was a mystical air surrounding the farmer, the King knighted Haakon and consigned him to the KNIGHTS' TRAINING CAMP for training.

Years later, Sir Hawk - along with the help of his trusted spiritual companion, Sir Sigurd - saved a caravan of travelers from a horde of goblin raiders. Spark, having observed Sir Hawk for some time was of his potential deeds and annointed him a Champion.

Information Edit

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Class: Knight

  • Ambushed by a Troll, Haakon found the sword and shield of the Legendary Knight Sigurd. Bound together they defeated the Troll and Haakon was Knighted.

Archetype: Defender

  • The Defender thrives when surrounded due to their superior defensive counter attacks and sword training allowing them the chance to spawn “ghost swords.” Fast damaging foes and high damage ranged opponents tend to challenge the Defender. Channeling the spirit of Sir Sigurd makes Haakon a well-rounded and formidable opponent.

Weapon: Knight’s Sword

  • Adept in sword and shield combat, when Haakon teams up with the spiritual powers of Sir Sigurd they are nearly unstoppable.


  • Skilled but untrained
  • Feels like an impostor due to his peasant background and wrestles with his discomfort in his new “Royal” skin
  • May appear schizophrenic due to his relationship with Sigurd
Level 20 StatsEdit
Haakon Stats
Health: 280
Ground Speed: 6.94
Basic Damage: 25.5
Sigurd's Spear Damage: 12
Smite Damage: 35.5
Bladestorm Damage: 0
Sigurd Attack+Bladestorm Damage: 34
Shield Charge Damage: 17

Abilities Edit

Level Ability Unlocked Controls Description
 ? Smite Y to impale with spear, X attack it to activate When Sigurd's spear impales an enemy, you can then attack the enemy to Smite them and destroy the spear.
3 Shield Charge With Mana available, Double Tap B Haakon will charge through enemies while summoning a large mystical shield that damages enemies passed through while simultaneously regenerating Haakon's health. (Careful: This ability is bugged, and can allow players to pass through Objects or invisible barriers which can break the game- be weary, or have fun with it)
7 Bladestorm With Mana available, press X+Y Sigurd will appear and cast a flurry of blades around him. (Careful: This ability is bugged, and will ALWAYS use Mana if the buttons are pressed, whether the ability is actually used or not- Do Not Spam)

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