Summary Edit

Though raised to value strength like all goblins, Karlsnor was unusually noble. Though a skilled fighter, he refused to attack anyone weaker than him. The clan leader, mistaking Karlsnor’s honor for pretension, challenged him to a duel. Karlsnor was fast and focused, and the clan leader could not land a single blow and ultimately collapsed in exhaustion. As Karlsnor helped him back up, the spiteful clan leader drew a dagger and stabbed him. Karlsnor felt a furious rage bubbling up from inside him. He felt himself changing, losing control, and suddenly he was standing over the body of the mortally wounded clan leader. Karlsnor’s rage had unlocked something deep inside him: the rare natural talent of a goblin Berzerker to change form in the heat of battle. His clanmates were in awe of his abilities, but Karlsnor felt there was nothing honorable about how he had lost control. Vowing to truly earn the respect of his clan, he left his village, saying he would return only when he fully understood his own power.

Key Features:

  • Ferocious melee
  • Devastating ground smash
  • Builds up Rage which can be unleashed to heal wounds and enhance damage


Ss (2015-02-08 at 10.50.35)

Class: Male Goblin

  • An outcast from his clan, Karlsnor is locked in a constant struggle against his feral rage that threatens to turn him into a terrifying Berzerker.

Archetype: Berzerker

  • Spin, whirl, and unleash a rapid flurry of savage strikes to defeat your foes.

Weapon: Goblin Cleaver


  • Feral, wild
  • Fast, ferocious
  • High damage
Level 20 StatsEdit
Karlsnor Stats
Health: 240
Ground Speed: 7.2
Basic Damage: 22.8
Enrage Explosion: 21.5
Ground Slam No-Charge: 35.5
Ground Slam CHARGED: 22.2
Seismic Strike: 22.2
Seismic Strike Shockwave: 34.2
Rolling Assault: 15.2
Whirlwind: 6.8

Abilities Edit

Level Ability Unlocked Controls Description
2 Enrage When Rage bar is full, Karlsnor will Enrage Attack enemies to gain Rage
3  ? When Enraged, attack Attacking enemies now regenerates a small amount of Karlsnor's health
7 Rolling Assault With Rage, Press B When Rage resource is available, Karlsnor will do damage to enemies when performing a Dodge (costs Rage)
 ?  ? Press X+A to activate Enrage Allows Karlsnor to Enrage before reaching full Rage
13 Ground Slam While airborne, press or hold Y Karlsnor can charge this attack in the air for more damage. When released, he dashes to the ground damaging and interrupting all nearby enemies.

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