Logic Camera Cube First the start page, to call the the pages.

Then make the relevant variables:

Then the main part for controlling the camera movement is to adjust the pitch and yaw with the RMB when moved on the X or Y axis.

Then we want click on or draw a selectionbox and highlight the NPC's within the selection drawbox:

And the kode for controlling a NPC. When a NPC is selected they get the variable Move=active and Target=RMBTarget (the Right Mouse Button position in the world).


All NPC's(recommend to use as a template) are waiting to receive the move=active and the RMB target position. The NPC will then move to the received position. I like to see where the are going so also displays the destination object and a red line draw to the target.

You can then program when Bump, or in Zone detection, etc. to DO an action.

Update:  When the mouse touches the edge of the screen then display a object: Screenside equals to 0.96

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