Scarlet was a strong-willed and solitary girl who would rather practice archery alone in the forest than spend time in the company of others. After thwarting a terrible attack by a marauding group of bandits on her village, Scarlet vowed to protect those unable to protect themselves. Rumors tell tales of the shadowy figure that roams the Verdia woodlands and only appears to protect those in trouble.

Key Features:

  • Arrow shots
  • Kaltrop traps that can be converted to charge shots
  • Decoys

Description Edit

A lone Ranger with a heart of gold and nerves of steel, Scarlett roams the countryside aiding those who need her most.

Information Edit

Ss (2015-02-08 at 10.51.16)

Truly flexible and fierce, Scarlett has many tricks up her sleeve to keep enemies at a distance while her deadly arrows do the rest.

Class: Ranger

Archetype: Sniper

Weapon: Bow


  • Survivalist
  • Deceptive/Mysterious
  • Heroic to a fault
Level 20 StatsEdit
Scarlett Stats
Health: 180
Ground Speed: 7.56
Basic Damage: 14.5
Half-Charged Shot: 20
Charged Shot Damage: 22.2
Charged Shot /w Kodite Damage: 22.2
Kodite Barrage full hit: 33.2
Caltrop Damage: 6
Explosive Decoy Damage: 81

Levels Edit

Abilities Edit

Level Ability Unlocked Controls Description
2 "Charge Shot" Hold X to charge, then release Unleashes a slower but more powerful projectile
4 "Kodite Barrage" Hold Y to charge, then release Gathers all nearby Kodite Caltrops allowing you to fire them with a wildly inaccurate shotgun effect
7 "Decoy Dodge" Hold B to charge, then release That which makes Scarlett invincible, distracts all nearby enemies for a small amount of time. Can be repeatedly dropped faster than the decay.
 ? "Kodite Snipe" Passive When charging with X, you now gather all nearby Caltrops to combine with your Charge Shot
 ? "Caltrop Dodge" Passive When dodging with or without a charge, you will now drop Caltrops automatically rendering Y unnecessary from now on
20 "Explosive Decoy" Passive Your Decoy now explodes, seemingly killing everything around it

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