This is an outdated update. This update was followed by Title Update (1.01.2)

This update was released on October 22, 2014.[1]

Release NotesEdit


  • The ” Unstoppable” achievement should now work properly.
  • The ” A little help from my friend” achievement should now work, as well.
  • “Four of a kind” and ”The Village” achievements should now give proper credit.


  • Fixed an issue that could still cause Whoosh (or “Terwindinator”) in some cases. True story.
  • Options: The Music volume control in Audio Options should now work properly.


  • Added [force controls] parameter to [follow camera]. This allows the right stick to continue to control camera angle even when right stick is actively in use for other purposes in Kode.
  • A small black box is no longer displayed at the center of the text when using [say] [text] [without frame].

Champions QuestEdit

  • Added a new final encounter to CQ 1-4. Can you beat it?
  • Void Spawners will no longer shoot Champions into the sky.
  • Did a full pass to properly tune the CQ progression system.
  • Exploding barrels should now actually explode.
  • Doors should be less violent and no longer knock players through the terrain. Thank you anger management classes.
  • Improved the champion mini-picker to make the instructions more clear when using mouse and keyboard.
  • A Champion who has died will now respawn near the live Champion in a two player session.


  • Fixed issues with the Killplane’s size. It should also save changes properly, now.
  • World Picker camera is usable again.
  • Borders marked as "Block" in the world settings now actually block motion, while "Destroy" will destroy out-of-world objects.
  • The character is no longer snapped to the ground if the player chooses to change the height while snapping. <LT> must be released and pressed again in order to re-snap the character to the ground.
  • All the character options available when going through the Create start-up flow will now be snapped to ground by default.
  • Glued prop groups are now properly attached to the cursor after being cloned initially with the controller.
  • Cloning props via the Edit Menu with the controller will now keep the hologram clone on the cursor, rather than automatically placing it on top of the original prop.


  • The water sword is effective against the Black Knight again.

Level LinkingEdit

  • The [world picker] tile no longer continues to display the old name of a selected save after the name of the project has been changed.


  • Showcase levels are now localized.


  • Resolved many issues that could cause out of sync errors.
  • Improved overall connectivity to reduce problems.
  • Improved Multiplayer performance on Xbox One.

General UpdatesEdit

  • Several Save System Bug Fixes
  • Multiple Audio Bug Fixes
  • Many UI Bug Fixes
  • Multitude of Localization Bug Fixes
  • General Performance Improvements
  • Overall Stabilization and Bug Fixing


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