World Wizard is similar to Crossroads but with the big difference that it is more wide and works as a "template-maker".

World Wizard Icon

Using the World Wizard, the following settings will appear:

1  - Forming the Land:Edit

  • Flat
  • Rivers
  • Mountains
  • Canyons
  • Hills

Additional settings at this stage:

  • Water Height = Self-explanatory
  • World Size = Choose between small/medium/large
  • Terrain Height = Self-explanatory

2 - Setting the Environment:Edit

  • Empty world
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Arctic

Additional settings at this stage:

  • Water Height = Self-explanatory
  • Shore Material Height = The height which underwater brush will reach (starts from bottom). Left is low, right is high altitude.
  • Peak Material Height = The height which peak brush will reach (starts from top). Left is high, right is low altitude. 
  • Nature Density = Only for prop density, terrain brush will stay the same; 

3 -  The Hour of DayEdit

  • Morning
  • Evening
  • Day
  • Night

Additional settings at this stage:

  • Sun Angle:  Turns the sun on the vertical axis.
  • Sun Position: Turns the sun on the horizontal axis.
  • Brightness: Left is dark, right is bright
  • Visual Filter: Applies a visual filter on the level. For more information, see the Visual Filter page

4 - The Hero EmergesEdit

  • Woodland Fighter Male
  • Woodland Peasant Male
  • Woodland Peasant Female
  • Woodland Ranger Female
  • Goblin Bruiser
  • Goblin Scavenger
  • Squirrel
  • Rabbit

Additional settings at this stage:

  • Scale: The size of character. Right is tall, left is short.
  • Character Studio: Found next to the "Accept" button, this will switch to character studio. For more information, see the Character Studio page.

5 - Hero PositionEdit

At this stage, you get to choose where the player will start.

6 - How do you want to play?Edit

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